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Healthy Body
19 Dec 2022

Why Should You Get a Dog?

Why should you get a dog? Let us count the reasons! There are so many benefits of having a dog. Here are a few of Dr. Beck’s favourites.

Healthy Body
05 Dec 2022

How to help a stressed dog

Stress sucks. Learn the signs a dog is stressed and how to help a stressed dog feel calm again.

Healthy Body
21 Nov 2022

Puppy Teething Toys

Is your teething puppy terrorizing your home? Learn the do’s and don’ts of puppy teething toys, including a few of our DIY favourites.

Healthy Body
14 Nov 2022

Why do dogs wag their tails?

Ever wonder why dogs wag their tails? There’s a lot you can learn from the speed, direction, and position of your dog’s tail.

Healthy Body
07 Nov 2022

Diabetes in dogs: Symptoms, care, medications, and more

Diabetes doesn’t have to feel so daunting. From symptoms of diabetes in dogs to diabetic dog treats, let’s get your dog feeling their very best.

Healthy Body
24 Oct 2022

Why do puppies hiccup?

What’s up with hiccups? Learn what they are, how they happen, and why puppies are prone to hiccuping.

Healthy Body
17 Oct 2022

Is my dog overweight?

Concerned your dog is overweight? Find out how to help your dog lose weight the healthy way.

Healthy Body
19 Sep 2022

Deaf dogs: How to raise them and why we love them

Not sure if your dog is deaf or a selective listener? We help you figure out how to tell if your dog is deaf and how to live your happiest, healthiest lives together.

Healthy Body
05 Sep 2022

Why does my dog pee so much?

Ever wonder “Why does my dog pee so much?” We’re here to dabble in dribble and answer all your pet pee questions.