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24 Oct 2022

Why do Puppies get Hiccups?

What’s up with hiccups? Learn what they are, how they happen, and why puppies are prone to hiccuping.

Healthy Body
17 Oct 2022

Is my dog overweight?

Concerned your dog is overweight? Find out how to help your dog lose weight the healthy way.

Healthy Body
19 Sep 2022

Deaf dogs: How to raise them and why we love them

Not sure if your dog is deaf or a selective listener? We help you figure out how to tell if your dog is deaf and how to live your happiest, healthiest lives together.

Healthy Body
05 Sep 2022

Why does my dog pee so much?

Ever wonder “Why does my dog pee so much?” We’re here to dabble in dribble and answer all your pet pee questions.

Healthy Body
19 Aug 2022

Why does my dog lick so much?

Is your dog’s tongue working overtime? Find out why dogs lick us, the floor, the air… you name it.

Healthy Body
12 Aug 2022

CBD for Puppies: Yay or No Way?

Can puppies have CBD? Our vets unpack the truths and misconceptions about CBD for puppies.

Healthy Body
22 Jul 2022

Puppy teething: How to help a teething puppy

Is your puppy teething? Our vets are here to help you handle puppy teething like a pro.

Healthy Body
18 Jul 2022

Why does my dog eat grass?

Ever wonder why your dog eats grass, sticks, and other gross bits? We did the research so you don’t have to.

Healthy Body
05 Jul 2022

Heat stroke in dogs

Can dogs get heat stroke? Learn the signs of heat stroke in dogs and how to treat (or, better yet, prevent) heat stroke.