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Healthy Body
11 Jan 2022

Pet Safe Plants: How to Keep Your Indoor Jungle Dog-Friendly

Ready for plant parenthood but not sure where to start? We chat with Kait at Fat Plant Farm about how to keep your indoor jungle dog-friendly.

Healthy Bond
16 Dec 2021

The Best Safe Toys For Dogs To Keep Busy Dogs Busy

In the market for safe toys for your dogs? From indestructible to interactive, we’re sharing our list of the best dog toys in Canada.

Healthy Body
19 Nov 2021

Joint Care: Healthy Joints, Happy Dog

Our registered veterinarian, Dr. Beck, shares what pet parents need to know about healthy joints and happy dogs.

Healthy Body
20 Oct 2021

Seriously… Why Do Dogs Eat Poop?

Ever wonder why dogs eat poop? We demystify this “distasteful” behaviour to help you make the best of a smelly situation.

Healthy Body
07 Sep 2021

No pain, all gain: Pain relief for dogs

Acute or chronic, canine pain is, well… a pain. Find out what options you have for pain relief for dogs, including what pain meds are dog-friendly.

Healthy Bond
13 Jul 2021

Separation Anxiety in Dogs: How to help a dog with separation anxiety

We’re setting the record straight on dog separation anxiety: what it is, what it isn’t, and how to keep your anxious dog cool, calm, and coping.

Healthy Body
24 Jun 2021

First Aid Basics for Dogs: Summer Edition

From hornet stings to heat stroke, learn how to handle summertime pet first aid like a pro.

Healthy Mind
23 Jun 2021

Stay Tuned: Do Dogs Like Music?

Do dogs like music—fact or fiction? We’ve rounded up everything you need to know about calming music for dogs, including a special, sweet-sounding treat.