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26 Jun 2024

Best dog food Canada: Top 6 Most Searched Brands

Best dog food Canada: does it exist?  At some point, all pet parents will ask the age old question: what…

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30 Jul 2023

Dog anal glands: a pain in the butt, literally.

Dog anal glands are scent glands located on either side of a dog’s anus. Technically speaking, the accurate term is…

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12 Jun 2023

Avian Flu: What you need to know to protect your dog

Can dogs get avian flu? Infectious disease expert and veterinarian Dr. Karren Prost joined us for a Q&A on avian…

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04 Feb 2023

Canine Cabin Fever: 5 Boredom Busters for Dogs

Prevent your dog from going stir crazy indoors with these five fun, simple ways to mentally stimulate and entertain them.

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19 Dec 2022

Why Should You Get a Dog?

Why should you get a dog? Let us count the reasons! There are so many benefits of having a dog. Here are a few of Dr. Beck’s favourites.

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05 Dec 2022

How to help a stressed dog

Stress sucks. Learn the signs a dog is stressed and how to help a stressed dog feel calm again.

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19 Sep 2022

Deaf dogs: How to raise them and why we love them

Not sure if your dog is deaf or a selective listener? We help you figure out how to tell if your dog is deaf and how to live your happiest, healthiest lives together.

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12 Sep 2022

Understanding dog anxiety symptoms (and what to do about them)

Think you might have an anxious pup? Understand dog anxiety symptoms and how to manage them with help from our vets.

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12 Aug 2022

CBD for Puppies: Yay or No Way?

Can puppies have CBD? Our vets unpack the truths and misconceptions about CBD for puppies.